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HackMonkeeze VIII: Heroes of the Dawn


Welcome HackMonkeeze, to this eighth incarnation of our HackMaster game… and the first online ‘living’ version of the Jaanz Wurld Gazetteer. HackMonkeeze VIII is also our first foray into the new edition of the game: HackMaster Basic. Herein can be found any information you will need to prepare and play your characters, above and beyond that found in your HMb (HackMaster Basic) book.

Campaign Setting

The milieu is to be a mix of high fantasy reminiscent of Tolkein’s middle earth… and the cheesy fun of the old D&D cartoon. Appropriate elements from other sources will also have an influence, such as the Bog of Eternal Stench. Little is set in stone at the moment, so if you have any ideas to help develop the setting please let me know and I’ll see about incorporating them.

Player’s Responsibility

A regular role-playing group is a commitment, both to the other players and to yourself. This is true of any group activity, not just our weekly HackMaster game. Particularly if your peers are committing more than just a few hours of their time (membership fees, familial arrangements, etc.).

Our game is not something to do if nothing else is on; this is the something else that you are doing!


In a perfect world we would all be able to attend every session of the game. Unfortunately the vagaries of life (family, work, etc.) tend to intrude upon us from time to time. Rarely however will they do so without giving you ample time to inform at least the GM, and preferably the other players that you will miss a session; and it is only common courtesy after all. Failure to do so (except in emergencies) will result in Honour loss for your character.

Attendance Award
(well done… have a cookie!)
100% EP
(player contributes to much of the session)
75% EP
(player misses a significant amount of the session)
50% EP
(character run in absentia by proxy player)
25% EP
(no proxy player; character becomes passive NPC)
0% EP
Proxy Player
(taking on the responsibility of another player’s character)
+1 Hon
Unexpected Absence
(missing session without good reason or forewarning)
-1 Hon

Please arrange to have another player agree to run your character in case of your absence. Such an arrangement allows your character to keep up with action, particularly when an adventure runs over multiple sessions. Your character will receive reduced experience points (EP), depending on how much of the session you have missed.

If you have no nominated proxy player to run your player character in your absence, they will become a passive non-player character (NPC) for the duration of the session. If play is resumed in the middle of a multi-session adventure, a passive character will follow the majority of the party and will instigate no actions. If the character is not mid-adventure they will remain ‘at home’. In any case, a character with no proxy player will earn no experience.

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