Jaanz Wurld Gazetteer

Historically I have produced a campaign setting document for each new chapter of our HackMonkeeze game; that document is the Jaanz Wurld Gazetteer. Our group has gone through numerous line-up changes since first forming following the publication of HackMaster 4th Edition in 2001, and over the years we have played in several milieu:

Saturday Knights

Our first HackMaster game was set in and around module B2 Little Keep on the Borderlands, and ran for about a year or so before we became HMA sanctioned as…


Hell’s Throat; our first sanctioned game followed on from B2.

HackMonkeeze 2

Temple of Existential Evil; set in the Raagean Empire.

HackMonkeeze III

Taijitu ~ Isle of the Whispering Dragons; my homebrewed oriental setting.

HackMonkeeze 4

Asterix and the HackMonkeeze! This short berserker-centric campaign was thrown together after sudden TPK as a light-hearted change of pace as I prepared the next ‘proper’ campaign.

HackMonkeeze 5

Chance’s Favoured, a ‘thief party’ operating out of Chance Landing in Krandaneer; several things went ‘badly wrong’ which loosed evil forces on Jaanz Wurld before the inevitable TPK.

HackMonkeeze 6

We returned to Taijitu, but the island was transplanted into HackSpace as a ‘flat world’ moon and the timeline moved on to about 700 years after HMIII.

HackMonkeeze VII

This was to be ‘the biggie’... a campaign set about 40 years on from the default Garweeze Wurld setting upon which our non-oriental games were based. Ahk’Tang had more than fulfilled the legacy of Sar’Tang the Cruel, and The Grand Orkin Restoration had taken the four western/central Fangaerian City States, the Dwarves of Praxter surrendered the surface, and the Gnome Protectorates were gone. In the east, The Second Great And Bountiful Raagean Empire recaptured many former provinces and stretched as far as Abosaria, enveloping what was left of the Elves in the Sadok Forest. The PCs started in Bolin Sta, in the City State of Agarsta which was crushed between the two evil empires. Also: all the fallout from previous campaigns had been expounded to make this war-torn hell my players fault! They wanted an “evil campaign”, I’ll show ‘em evil…

Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever…

However, that is all now in the past. As noted in HackJournal #30, following Hacknarok the wurld of Aldrazar is no more. HackMaster has moved to the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting and Jaanz Wurld with it.

HackMonkeeze VIII

This new campaign begins in the Howl’Drevel region of the Kingdom of Aneth ruled by the Lord of Seerstone Keep.

Jaanz Wurld Gazetteer

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