Adjudicator Bennet

"Lying is capital punishment for the soul."


Adjudicator Bennet is a big, broad-shouldered and heavily bearded man brought low by crippling wounds; both legs are lost above the knee. He gets about the keep on a pair of stout oaken crutches, which together with the beard lend him the stature (and speed) of a dwarf.


Bennet is a recent arrival in Seerstone Keep, having taken over as the resident priest of Aerie Chapel since the old priest1 fell gravely ill. He delivers fire & brimstone sermons which focus on the Justice aspect of The True.

Although the young Lord Seerstone technically wields supreme authority over the region (save for the king of course), he often delegates matters requiring a magistrate to the more experienced Adjudicator Bennet.

1 True Seer Mildryth is a pleasant and good-hearted woman, known as ‘Auntie’ to all at the castle. This kind old lady succumbed to a fever in the spring and shows no sign of recovery.

Adjudicator Bennet

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