Population: 2,000 (97% dwarves; 1% halflings; 1% humans; 1% gnomes)
Economy: Modest, but strong and stable
Resources: Tin, coal, borax, copper, silver, gold
Military: Strong defensive capability, limited range
Politics: Sovereign City-State ruled by Royal Clan

Kensabal is a small dwarven city-state to the east of Seerstone at the border of the Kingdom of Aneth’s easternmost province, Howl’drevel. The hold is a week’s hard march from the human town, over Bleak Pass – a narrow and dangerous road through the forbidding Howling Mountains.

In common with most large dwarven settlements in Jaanz Wurld, Kensabal is protected by formidable gates and dozens of watch towers hewn from and skillfully blended into the natural rock formations of the mountains. These cover over an area of several square miles above the principal subterranean hold.

Within this region the dwarves maintain one small, dual purpose citadel – also known simply as Kensabal (meaning: first mine) – resembling a massive fortified gatehouse over the mountain pass, with four imposing towers and walls extending over a mile on each flank into the mountains. The dwarves here guard the pass and charge a toll from those who use it. Kensabal is also the only place for hundreds of miles where the dwarves trade with surface dwelling folk.


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