Murmin Burnap

Lord of the Pies

Player: proddimus Proxy: The_Jay
Race: Halfling
Class: Thief
Alignment: True Neutral
Level: 6th
Ability Scores:
08/90 STR (Dmg. -1, Feat of Str. -3)
13/76 INT (Att. +1)
13/25 WIS (Init. +1, Def. +1)
17/33 DEX (Init. -2, Att. +3, Def. +4)
11/12 CON
08/81 LKS
13/67 CHA (Turning Mod. +3)
Quirks & Flaws:
Close Talker

Hit Points: 32
Threshold of Pain: 11

Honour: 53 (average)
EP: 6,341 (next level: 6,600) BP: 0
Handedness: Right Sex: Male
Age: 30 years
Birthday: XXth Month, 16XX AR
Height: 40 inches
Weight: 67 lbs
Patron God(s): Risk
(Anointed follower? No)
Hair: Brown/red
Eyes: Green
Appraisal (armour & weaponry) 24%, Appraisal (gems & jewellery) 34%, Climbing/RappellingU/C 45%, Cooking/Baking 43%, Disarm TrapC 94%, HidingU/C 60%, Identify TrapC 84%, Language (Anethian)N 64%, Language (Elven) 23%, Language (Merchant’s Tongue) 39%, ListeningU/C 51%, Literacy (Anethian) 33%, Lock Picking 32%, Mathematics 19%, ObservationU 29%, Pick PocketU/C 24%, SneakingU/C 55%, Swimming 68%.
U = Universal Skill, N = Native Language (Universal), C = Core Skill
Greased Lightning (sling), Fast Healer, Dodge, Swiftblade (short sword).
Weapons: Short sword, Dagger, Sling.
Armour: Light, Shield.
Other: None.
Racial Abilities:
Pros: Free skill purchases, Harder to hit, Hiding in natural surroundings bonus, Initiative bonus.
Cons: Poor reach, Size small for HPs & knock backs.
Preferential talent access: Only for slings.

Murmin Bio

Murmin Burnap and the Heroes of the Dawn

Murmin hardly sees the Heroes of the Dawn as some fated band of great warriors, for him the heroes are a good way to enjoy an exciting life. Murmin generally feels that the “heroes” in question seem really like a group of friends, certainly more mortal and feeble (Excepting maybe Willy) than any of the great Heroes from tale. As for what the people of this world’ attitude toward the heroes is, Murmin doesnt really feel they’re too greatly appreciated. Surely true heroes would have a heroes welcome wherever they go… But murmin is just fine with that, too much attention can be a bad thing in his line of work.

Sky Blue Lou – Lou seems at best mildly interesting, at worst dangerous and embarassing. He’s a talker with a temper that seems to be able to explain away any of his rather misguided whims using whimsical logic and philibuster. He’s put up with like some ‘work experience’ adventurer. Of particular note is Murmins dislike of Lous ability to inflate his role in any combat, no one likes a bragger. A bit of a liability really. Healing appreciated, though a good batch of healing potions would probably be a fitting substitute, and at least it would be less of a liability.

Ceri – Seems a smart girl, a definate worthwhile member of the party. Murmin enjoys having some feminine charm to offset the stout masculine Willy. Ceri has proven her worth in battle time and time again, and has always heeded the words of the stout rogue. Always welcome at the dinner table, and so polite, though quiet.

Willy – I think its fair to say that the halfling looks up (figuratively) to this warrior with respect, he’d rather no other person at his back in a fight. Willy has provided good company and high humour in even the lowest dungeons and a fair bond of friendship has devloped there. Willy may not like some of Murmins more shady dealings, and through his like of Willy Murmin does his best to keep these from his dwarven friend.

Murmin Burnap

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