Sky Blue Lou


Player: maqur Proxy: proddimus
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Level: 7th
Ability Scores:
11/47 STR (Dmg. +0, Feat of Str. +0)
11/35 INT (Att. +0)
16/06 WIS (Init. +0, Def. +2)
08/73 DEX (Init. +3, Att. -1, Def. -1)
10/91 CON
08/19 LKS
12/05 CHA (Turning Mod. +2)
Quirks & Flaws:
Foul-Mouthed, Paranoid

Hit Points: 43
Threshold of Pain: 15

Honour: 71 (average)
EP: 8,466 (next level: 8,700) BP: 0
Handedness: Right Sex: Male
Age: 21 years
Birthday: 4th Hunting, 1687 AR
Height: 72 inches
Weight: 124 lbs
Patron God(s): The Guardian
(Anointed follower? Yes)
Hair: Fair, braided with flowers
Eyes: Pale, watery blue
Animal Empathy 30%, Animal Training (dog) 18%, CartographyU 21%, Carpentry/Woodworking 21%, Divine Lore 38%, Fire-BuildingU 30%, First Aid 24%, ListeningU 23%, Language (Anethian)N 74%, Literacy (Anethian) 19%, Lock Picking 12%, Mathematics 17%, Musician (horn) 30%, ObservationU 35%, Religion (The Guardian) 67%, Riding (horse) 13%, SurvivalU 18%, Swimming 12%.
U = Universal Skill, N = Native Language (Universal)
Weapons: Dagger, Longsword, Long bow, Spear, Battle axe, Warhammer, Mace.
Armour: Light, Medium, Heavy, Shield.
Other: Labourer, Maintenance/Upkeep.
Racial Abilities:
Size Medium for HPs & knock backs
May purchase Language (Merchant’s Tongue) at 50% cost

Sky Blue Lou is a dedicated priest of the Guardian. Sworn to protect the free peoples of the world. His war Cry is “Freedom!” He is from common stock and drifts into foul language when encountering an example of opression. He occasionally smokes a mild narcotic pipe weed in order to celebrate a victory.

Blue has long blond hair plaited into many braids with blue ribbons. He is tall and has pale blue eyes. He sports a full beard held in place by a dwarven style beard ring.

Blue is clad in fine Dwarven Chain Mail. He weilds the Antique long Sword “Drakebane” “The sword that killed two dragons”. He carries a Long Bow, and is never without his signature medium shield, which is, of course, painted bright Blue. He also bears a Dwarven War Horn which he blows in battle, or at any remotely legitimate opportunity.


Birth Place & Religion

Sky Blue Lou was born on the 4th Day of the 7th Month (The 4th of Hunting) 1687 AR, in a small cottage, just outside Seerstone Keep, in the Kingdom of Aneth. Some now remember that the year of his birth was one of the finest summers in memory, the skies staying a glorious deep blue throughout the month of his birth, and the harvest thereafter was exceedingly bounteous. He was baptised Louis Winkelreid by his father in the Church of the True. His mother, an active member of the Church of the Guardian, also had him baptised into the Guardian community under the name “Sky Blue Lou”. Many of the Guardian community take on nature based names to emphasize their love of nature, personal freedom, and self expression. As a child, Blue was taught to worship all the good gods. As he grew older, he was drawn most to the freedom loving religion of the Guardian, and by the time he was a Young man he had determined to become a cleric of the Guardian.


Blue’s father, Arnold Winkelreid started life as a young huntsman and dog handler in the service of the Old Lord Seerstone, the father of the current Lord Seerstone, Lord of the Town and Keep of Seerstone. He is a worshipper of all the good gods.

Blue’s mother was born Lillianne Bullen, into a travelling entertainer company. She is skilled at Knife Throwing, Juggling, Playing the lute and Singing. At a young age she joined the religion of the Guardian and changed her name to Moon Lilly.

Both of Blue’s parents love him unreservedly.

Arnold met his wife Lilly while she was entertaining at the Keep. Over the next decade Arnold rose to the post of Master of Hounds while Lilly served as an entertainer and servant at the Keep. They raised a family of four children there in a small cottage belonging to Lord Seerstone, just outside the keep, but then they left Lord Seerston’s service, to strike out on their own.

The Pie and Pigeon

Blue’s parents used their savings to buy a small Alehouse in the town of Seerstone, called “The Pie and Pigeon”. Lilly managed the housekeeping and began using her entertainer skills to provide the in house entertainment, while Arnold learned to cook. At first just simple broths, but later he purchased a small oven and learned to bake bread and pies. The Pie and Pigeon now has a reputation as a friendly, clean inn, providing tasty, simple and fresh fare to its patrons. Over time, Arnold also started a small kennel behind The Pie and Pigeon and gained some extra income as a trainer of hunting and fighting dogs.

Early Life

Blue’s childhood was spent in and around the Keep of Seerstone. It was a very secure existence in which he became familiar with many of the people living at the Keep. His day was divided into schoolwork, chores around the Keep, and getting into scrapes with his elder brother. He was especially fond of helping his father manage the Lord’s hunting hounds and he learned the skills of a dog handler. Sometimes he would watch the knights and men-at-arms at practice. In the evenings he would hang around the Great Hall, serving guests and listening to the tales of heroism told by visiting poets and storytellers. This made a great impression on him, and he aspired to become a great a hero.

Blue’s late childhood and adolescence was spent helping his parents run their Inn and Kennel. He also chose his vocation, beginning his training as a cleric of the Guardian.


Blue has three siblings. The eldest is a sister named “Misty” Marie. The next is his brother “Storm Cloud” Samuel, then comes Blue, then his youngest sister “Rainy Day” Anne. The sisters love Blue unreservedly. His brother Storm also loves him and vice versa, but the two have a complex relationship. Storm is the more serious and is a cleric of the True. He wanted Blue to also worship the True and was hurt when he became a cleric of the Guardian. Blue is a free spirit and wants to follow his own destiny whereas Storm believes that family and duty are everything. When they were younger, Blue always got them into trouble, as they grew into young men, they quarrelled about religion and duty. Now that Blue is gaining fame and reputation, Storm is coming to appreciate his younger brother may not be a waster after all.

Misty is happily married to a tailor and leather worker in town. They have a shop, several children, and a modest income. Generally they struggle to make ends meet.

Storm is also married to lady with a strong belief in the True. His wife is called “Piety” and he has a single child, a son called Thaddeus. Storm is gaining a reputation as a stalwart cleric of the true assisting Adjudicator Bennett at The Eyrie Chapel up at Seerstone Keep. He dresses modestly and speaks his mind.

Rainy Day, is still unmarried although she has many suitors. She works at the family Inn. She believes in true love and won’t settle down until the right man comes along.

Sky Blue Lou and the Heroes of the Dawn

Blue is one of the founding members of “The Heroes of the Dawn”, a heroic group of adventurers based around Seerstone. They take their inspiration from a former heroic band “The Light” who existed in a previous century.

The Heroes of the Dawn are becoming well known around Seerstone., and also around the Dwarven Stronghold of Kensebal. They are the automatic first choice for anyone with a heroic requirement. To Lord Seerstone they are a useful tool to help bolster his authority. To the Good Religions, they are bulwarks to their faiths. To the common people, they are a source of help when they are helpless, and to traders and craftsmen they are good customers who commission fine works and pay in good cash. A craftsman who sold an item to the Heroes would certainly boast of the fact. Overall, the heroes are a great boost to morale, and people sleep easier because they exist.

Willy is a male Dwarven warrior, and the front line fighter for the group. He is the hero that inspires the most awe in the public. His inhuman strength, savage skills, and fierce temperament make people speak softly around him. Humans are somewhat wary of his Dwarven strangeness, but dwarves look up to him as a great hero.

Ceri is a human female mage. She comes from humble rural stock, and is quiet and undemonstrative, so she is not regarded with the awe she deserves. People think of her as the bookish quiet one, because they have not seen her formidable powers in action. They find it difficult to believe that she is the person described in the stories. This can lead to her being underestimated.

Murmin is a male Halfling ….. specialist in infiltration. He is a huge pie eater and likes to clown on occasion. But everyone has heard, from him, of his daring exploits so he is well regarded as a complex and dangerous personage. Halflings especially look up to him.

Blue is the hero most beloved of the common folk. He is well known to have the common touch and to be willing to champion the cause of the common people against any opposition. He is beloved of the masses and maybe feared a little by the rich and powerful. His tales of Daring-do lose nothing in the telling.

Sky Blue Lou

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