Ceridwen Edyvean


Player: HayleyJayne Proxy: The_Jay
Race: Human
Class: Mage
Alignment: Neutral Good
Level: 7th
Ability Scores:
11/78 STR (Dmg. +0, Feat of Str. +0)
14/32 INT (Att. +1)
09/09 WIS (Init. +3, Def. -1)
14/23 DEX (Init. +0, Att. +2, Def. +2)
14/02 CON
13/25 LKS
16/30 CHA (Turning Mod. +6)
Quirks & Flaws:
Fear of Heights
Myopia (near sighted)

Hit Points: 35
Threshold of Pain: 12

Honour: 75 (average)
EP: 8,009 (next level: 8,700) BP: 19
Handedness: Right Sex: Female
Age: 21 years
Birthday: 19th Comforting, 1687 AR
Height: 67 inches
Weight: 135 lbs
Patron God(s): The Riftmaster
(Anointed follower? No)
Hair: Red, long, curly
Eyes: Green
Arcane Lore 59%, Botany 53%, CartographyU 32%, DiplomacyU 30%, DistractionU 54%, Fast Talking 61%, First Aid 59%, Herbalism 43%, History (Ancient: Aneth) 42%, Language (Anethian)N 78%, Language (Merchant’s Tongue) 21%, Literacy (Anethian) 28%, Monster Lore 19%, ObservationU 17%, Riddling 26%, Riding 11%, Swimming 33%.
U = Universal Skill, N = Native Language (Universal)
Parry (staff), Less Sleep.
Weapons: Short sword, Staff, Spear.
Armour: Shield.
Other: Magical Transcription.
Racial Abilities:
Size Medium for HPs & knock backs
May purchase Language (Merchant’s Tongue) at 50% cost

“Me?.... This is all abou’ me? Wow. Dun I feel all kinds of special. pff… there aint alot to say really. I’m not all that strong, which aint all that helpful on a farm, especially when I got into fights with my brothers, but me Da said I had a head for the details “if it ain’t in the clouds all day” so he let me go stay will Ol’ Rowl. Ol’ Rowl kept on sayin’ that my head would hold a whole lot more if it weren’t filled with the useless details I picked up from “conversin’” with the town-folk.” I just ignored him. I think you can pick up alot of very useful details from getting to know people. I do miss me family from time to time though, especially me brothers and sisters. Nevermind! The Heroes of the Dawn keep me busy, fighting evil, helping the good… you know… the usual shiny thing.”


Good spirited, friendly and just that little naive, Ceri got into “adventuring” to see the Wurld for herself rather than through the eyes of some dusty author. Knowledge is what she seeks. Arcane, historical, botanical… you name it, she’ll want to know about it.

Ceridwen is from a little farming village called Woozy Badger. Brought up by her parents on Edyvean Farm it was clear to them that Ceri was not one for “real work”. Manual labour was not her thing as she would get easily distracted by “more interesting stuff.” It was during one Farms-Market-Day that she caught the eye of one of the visitors – a mage by the name of Old Rowl. Promising to take her away from the dull life and teach her the workings of the world, Old Rowl took in Ceri as his apprentice.

For many years she studied under him at Seerstone Tower until it was decided that the only way she ws going to learn about the Wurld was to get out into it. Half-jumped half-pushed, Ceri left The Tower and fell into a small adventuring party (“The Heroes of The Dawn”) who centres themselves at Seerstone. One day she will get to see a big City…. one day…

Ceridwen Edyvean and the Heroes of the Dawn

“I love our lil’ group. Aye, everybody argues now and agin and that makes me all nervous and such but we all mean well in our own lil’ way.”

“Take Blue, he acts all tough when he wants somethin’ but we all know he aint a fighter. He has a hunger for material goods, which all those town-folk seem t’ have, but his hunger is the biggest my eyes have seen. In fact, Blue is at his most heroic when he wants something real bad, and it always leads him into a heap whole of hurt. He argues with Willy alot about morals and philosophy and makes it all complicated and the like. I don’t understand his way of thinking sometimes. I think it may have somethin’ to do with that weed he smokes. I got some from one of the young guards once and snuck it into Ol’ Rowl’s tower – it made my spells go all awry. I got back me hearin’ in a week or so. It is funny that a man who spouts prayers of freedom is shackled to this way of life by his greed for possesions… He has good intentions…”

“Now Willy, he is a dwarf and a half! He shows real courage no matter what the situation and I have to respect him for that, but, I can’t tell him that ‘cos it would inflate his ego even more and I am afraid he may go “pop” one day. It’s clear that he loves the adventure for the adventure. No shiny armour or huge jewel will make him lose his sense of direction. He knows what he knows and there aint no changin’ his mind. He winds me up now and agin and it gits on my nerves but I am sure one misplaced spell will sort that out…”

Murmin is a tricky one – in character and in purpose. I don’t know the reason for him goin’ about adventurin’. Is it his loyalty to Willy? Is it his love for pie? Is he doin’ it ‘cos he aint got nothin’ better to do? Is he doin’ it so he can rob us blind of our treasures? I know his kind. I could just read his thoughts but that would be plain rude of me. He has given me no reason to question his purpose and he has given me no reason to understand it either. We get on well but that doesn’t mean I understand him. All in all, he makes me laugh, sometimes with him, sometimes at him. He also makes great pies.”

“The Heroes of the Dawn are still walkin’ in long shadows. There are many issues to sort out before they can sore into the breakin’ light. If they can all jus’ git alon’ – that would be helpful. Despite our inner turmoils, I believe that the Wurld has been touched by our light… in it’s small way. Somehwere, an ol’ woman living by a lake has found a reason to bake more pies. Children in the lil’ village of Rattburg can now play more safely- Maybe even pretending that they are a member of The Dawn that saved them. One woman can rest all soundly in ‘er grave while another can live in a life free of ‘er own tortures. A Woozy Badger doesn’t feel so Woozy. Even the Dwarves of Kensabal, in their thick, stone walls have felt the warmth of Dawn. The Dawn is signs of things to come.”

Ceridwen Edyvean

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