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HMVIII – The Road to Kensabal

The Heroes of the Dawn took to the road to Kensebal, loaded down with supplies for the journey. That was Murmin, Willy, Ceri, and me…I’m Sky Blue Lou. You may have heard about me..I believe my life has featured in such works as “The sword that killed TWO dragons” and “Sky Blue the Avenger”, or the much acclaimed “Free Willy!”. Our purpose was to collect the chainmail forged by Borin Bhorgimssen for Willy and me. We took the road with the two dwarf traders Gewin & Verlust plus their two baggage handlers. ponies, and two guards.

The road was hard but mostly uneventful, the evenings passing in banter with the guards, Murmin tending the cooking pot, Ceri poring over her spell books, Wily teaching Blue a bit about Warhammer Technique, And Blue chilling out in a haze of relaxing weed smoke. Then, one day, the party spotted two large figures in the distance, arguing over the carcass of a deer. The party was spotted at the same time and the two figures charged. Willy of course responded and Murmin his faithful sidekick joined him in the attack. Ceri moved a little closer and Blue stood awile…assessing the situation if memory serves.

As the range closed it became clear that they were giants of some sort. Three headed monstrosities armed with huge clubs. Willy got an early shot in with his throwing axe. it embedded itself in the shoulder of one of the giants, but hardly seemed to slow it. Blue then tossed aside the burdens of the road, drawing his mighty blade “Drake Bane” and charging the beasts. In the meantime the party was faring poorly. Ceri was plugging away with her wand of biting, and Murmin was skilfully weaving and dodging, only chipping away for minor damage, but keeping one beast busy. Willy on the other hand was taking a pounding from heavy blows that first shatterred his new shield and then rocked him on his heels. Eventually Blue closed and dealt Willy’s monster a blow in his side that drew blood. This spurred Willy to finally get his act together and do what Willy does best, two mighty blows, the first shaterring the beasts shinbone and the other crushing a skull. The monster spasmed and died. The second monster aimed a crushing blow at Murmins head which would surely have ended his existence, but he fortunately tripped over, slamming shield fist onto the toes of his attacker. Ceri finished off the giant using her Wand of biting. Blue cut the heads from their bodies, just to make sure.

When the heroes got to Kensebal, they repaired to the local taverns to relax, and related the tales of their exploits. Willy and Blue picked up their suits of Dwarven armour from the smith and then went shopping for better weapons. Willy being a most excellent Dwarf got a good deal for a stupendous silver hammer, while Blue being a slightly bogus although somewhat cool human got a rather poorer deal on a less stupendous silvered Longsword which he had commissioned to be embellished with Dwarven Runes spelling its name “Tyrants Anguish”.

All in all, a rather successful adventure. The party was also contacted by the son of the dwarf that originally made the keys to the heroes of the light lair. Apparently his father had used his own beard ring as a template for the keys, so we had to retreive the ring from his tomb in the mountains. The party prepared for this adventure, buying warm clothing, with Blue investing in a Dwarvven war horn, and some lessons on how to use it.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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